About Us

Who we are?

The Chic Lane was born in Chicago, Illinois based on our years of experience and struggles  finding top quality bathroom décor. Too often something caught our eye, only to receive a sub-quality product. We decided to fix this problem by only sourcing highly reputable, sourcing partners around the globe to ensure we provide the level of care we would expect to be treated with.

Our Fundamentals

At Chic Lane, we are dedicated to making your purchasing experience as seamless as possible. To accomplish this, we work tirelessly with our fulfillment partners to use the highest quality materials with strict guidelines to make certain that our products are built to last, and make your bathroom the envy of others. By investing in your product, we strive to make your bathroom stand out and become a place where you can truly feel at ease.

How are we giving back to the community?

We believe in giving back with a burning passion — 25% of ALL profits are donated to local charities, doing our part to build a better tomorrow. Learn more by reading Our Giving Pledge.